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California Dream Week Festival - May 2011:

Designers and musicians from around the world celebrate the genius and creativity of California youth

California Dream Week PassportCalifornia Dream Week Passport

Clean Energy Transportation by Hemiha Vasanthakumaran and A contemporary avenue with trees by Ilaria Marelli, inspired by Hemiha Vasanthakumaran's "Clean Energy Transportation" project.

Meet Matthew Hutter with The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers and Ira Walker - California Dream Week 2011

California Dream Week Treasure Hunt EnergEco by Lyle Hayden & Giovanni Quezada and Playlite, by Kurt Stapelfeldt, inspired by Lyle Hayden & Giovanni Quezada's "EnergEco" project

Meet Ron Anthony Hurley with The Bacon Brothers

Meet & Greet music for parents, teachers and students

Butterfly Roof Concept Vacation House by Matthew Hutter and Brian Garret's Butterfly Stool, inspired by Matt Hutter's "Butterfly Roof Concept Vacation House"

Enhanced Solar Cell Using Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon Nanowires by Levi Stanton and "The biggest winner!!!" by Jose Gonzalez Cabrero, inspired by Levi Stanton's "Enhanced Solar Cell Using Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon Nanowires" project.

Lucero Olive Oil tasting at Tin Roof

Meet & Greet prep for parents, teachers and students

Meet Lyle Hayden with The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers - California Dream Week 2011

A sustainable home by Cristina Calva and Dream sketch by Lorenzo Palmeri, inspired by Cristina Calva's project "A sustainable home".

Meet Levi Stanton with The Bacon BrothersCalifornia Dream Week committee member Jackie Travis and Orland teacher Cynthia Murdoch

"Taste the tree" water fountain by Gina Huynh and Fountain by Luca Casini, inspired by Gina Huynh's project "Taste the tree"

Award Finalists

Ira Walker - California Dream Week 2011

Sierra Nevada Cheese & TJ Farms at Bustolini'sMeet Hemiha Vasanthakumaran with The Bacon Brothers

The Monoplex by Ron Anthony Hurley, an earth friendly multi-use theater space with a restaurant, parking as well as a garden space

Meet Giovanni Quesada with The Bacon Brothers

Festivities in the air

Meet Cristina Calva with The Bacon BrothersFestivities in the air


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