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Luke Agness
LUKE AGNESS - Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada Union School
Steven Luke Agness is a senior at Nevada Union and has a keen interest in applied physics and engineering. He has been pursuing this passion by taking multiple classes in physics. His interest extends to aeronautical engineering as well and has volunteered time working in this field. Luke has been active in Forensic debate and served as Key Club president and captain of the lacrosse team.

Cheyenne Arrington
CHEYENNE ARRINGTON - Butte County, Chico, CORE Butte Charter School
Hello, I am a Senior at CORE Butte Charter School, I am our FFA Chapter's Officer Reporter. I enjoy hiking and working with the other FFA Members at our school, my SAE Supervised Agricultural Experience is beekeeping. I have three bee hives in my backyard and enjoy learning about bees, I have done several presentations and essays about beekeeping. I am also taking classes at Butte College where I have submitted an essay on the history of beekeeping and a powerpoint on the importance of bees for two of my college classes. I love to learn and experience new things, this will be one of them.

Daniel Byrne
DANIEL BYRNE - Butte County, Durham , Durham High School
Daniel Byrne is currently a Senior at Durham High School, where he has submersed himself in academics, sports, and mechanics. After courses at both Butte College and CSU Chico, including Calculus 3, engineering has become his main interest. His repertoire has earned acceptance from UC San Diego and others. Daniel is also actively involved in his community and extracurricular activities. He is President of a volunteer club named Interact, and also hurdle captain on the Track team.

Cole Clark
COLE CLARK - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is Cole E. Clark. I lived in Anaheim, California for the first four years of my life. When I was almost five, my parents became missionaries and we moved to Mali, West Africa. We lived in the capital, Bamako, for eleven years. In March, 2012, there was a military coup and we moved back to Orange County in Southern California. In August we moved up to Chico, California. I have made many new friends here and they've had a big impact on my life.

Braden Clark
BRADEN CLARK - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Braden Clark is a 17 year old junior at Chico High School. He started taking Architecture and Design as a freshman and has taken it every year since then. He is a well rounded student who always receives good grades in his classes. He spends his free time golfing or playing baseball. He also enjoys going hunting and fishing.

Rileigh Cook
RILEIGH COOK - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is Rileigh Cook. I am from Chico, California, and I am sixteen years old. This year I am a junior at Champion Christian School. Some facts about me are that I love to paint and when I was eight years old I had a painting in the Church of History Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. I really enjoy reading, especially classic books like Pride and Prejudice. Finally, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This part of my history is what defines me most; influencing my attitude and perspective on life.

Katherine Cusack
KATHERINE CUSACK - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Katherine Cusack Colwell was raised in Chico, California and currently attends Chico Senior High School where she is a Junior. Katherine enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and playing sports. She is an all around athlete playing Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Lacrosse and Basketball. At Chico High Katherine is enrolled in numerous Advanced Placement and Honors classes. The past two years she has taken Architecture and Design CAD levels one and two. Katherine is presently in the third level of Architecture and Design CAD which she takes through ROP Regional Occupation Program. She is dedicated to her community and volunteers through numerous programs. Katherine hopes that her energy efficient house design will prompt others to look into more energy efficient devices for their own homes.

Blake Engelbrecht
BLAKE ENGELBRECHT - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
My name is Blake Engelbrecht and I was born February 4, 1995 in Chico CA in the back of my parents new Ford Explorer. I received my grade school and middle school educations at Chico Christian School before moving on to Chico High School where I am currently taking 7 classes. One of which is Architecture design and CAD taught by Mike Bruggerman. I have taken 2 years of Architecture total and I am looking forward to pursuing this career choice even further.

Mardy Estrada
MARDY ESTRADA - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is Mardy Estrada and I'm a junior at Champion Christian School. A little about me is I live on 120 acres of prune trees and I help out a lot to make to make the orchard successful. I enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with my friends.

George Harter
GEORGE HARTER - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is George Harter. I live in Chico, CA and I currently attend Champion Christian School.

Kaitlyn Jennings
KAITLYN JENNINGS - Butte County, Chico, CORE Butte Charter School
My name is Kaitlyn Jennings and I am 17 years old. I enjoy bike riding, painting, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends and researching about various Scientific Topics. Last year I was involved in four science fairs, one including the California State Science fair and I received a Honorable Mention. I absolutely love science and math, and am excited to be pursuing a major in Microbiology at Butte College next year.

Robin Johnston
ROBIN JOHNSTON - Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz High School
My name is Robin Johnston and I am a senior at Santa Cruz High School. Ever since I was in middle school I have wanted to be an architect. Now, I have been accepted to Cal Poly along with various other schools to study just that. I have entered this contest to not only try to win money for college, but also to advance the idea of tide and other sustainable energies. This project shows my ability to step up to a challenge and produce results with inspiration and creative design.

Laura Lampe
LAURA LAMPE - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Laura Lampe is a senior at Chico High School enrolled in her fourth year of the schools architecture design course. In addition to her commitment to the architecture program she maintains AP and Honors classes and courses at California State University Chico. She has taken eight years of piano lessons is an editor of Chico High's literary magazine and is an officer of her 4H club. Upon graduation she plans to study psychology and education.

Jong Woo Lee
JONG WOO LEE - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
I'm Daniel Lee and I'm from South Korea. I have been living in United States for five years. I play three varsity sports. Throughout my high school year my favorite class was chemistry and also U.S. History.

Lauren Mullins
LAUREN MULLINS - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Lauren Mullins was raised in Chico, California and attends Chico Senior High School as a senior. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, working on vehicles, and participating in the Varsity Shotput and Discus team. She pushes herself in school by taking part in several advanced level classes. She is currently enrolled in Engineering Two and is in her third year of Architecture Design and CAD. During the summer Lauren volunteers at the Butte Habitat for Humanity office in hopes to help her community and learn more about the construction business. After graduating in early June, Lauren plans to start down the road to a major in Construction Management and a minor in Architecture and dreams of ultimately owning her own business where she can combine the two fields and produce sustainable homes for families across the nation..

Charlotte Prud'Homme
CHARLOTTE PRUD'HOMME - Nevada County, Nevada City, Woolman Semester School
Charlotte Prud'Homme is an 18 year old student currently studying in Sierra Nevada, California at The Woolman Semester, which focuses on Peace, Justice, and Sustainability. She enjoys hiking, biking, photography, dancing, cooking, ceramics, beading, knitting and collaging. She is passionate about global issues and international travel, having traveled and volunteered abroad in Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, India, and Kenya with various organizations and two nonprofits. She hopes to learn as many skills as possible that encourage creating positive energy and peace. She hopes to meet many new people and make great connections along the way.

Michael Reynolds
MICHAEL REYNOLDS - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Michael Reynolds, born and raised in Chico, CA, is a 16 year old student at Chico Senior High School. While growing up, he went to Notre Dame Catholic School in Chico for nine years and has participated in CSF for the past six years. At Chico High, Michael is a well rounded student balancing basketball, track, academics, and his social life. Michael has been taking Architecture Design and CAD classes for three years and is currently enrolled in the third level of Architecture Design and CAD which he takes through ROP Regional Occupation Program.

Melissa Reynolds
MELISSA REYNOLDS - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is Melissa Reynolds and I've lived in Chico, CA for 17 years now. I am a junior in high school. I like cheerleading, softball, playing guitar, and singing when I'm not in school or at work.

Austin Robinsone
AUSTIN ROBINSON - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
My name is Austin Robinson. I am 16 years old and enrolled as a Junior at Chico High School. I have been in the architecture program for three years, and have become proficient in modeling programs such as Google Sketch Up. I am also an advanced welding student, which allows me to apply my modeling skills to design and create projects for myself and other people. I am a licensed apprentice falconer. I have volunteered as a counselor at Shady Creek environmental camp, and plan to again.

Ferdinandus Rykaart
FERDINANDUS RYKAART - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Ferdinandus (Nantes) Rykaart was born in Roodeport, South Africa, but was raised in Chico, California. He is currently seventeen years old and is a Junior at Chico High School. He has volunteered at many places around his community including various children summer camps, the Butte County Library, and Computers for Classrooms, a non profit organization that provides schools with computers. After high school he plans to go to college and study Architecture.

Taom Sakal
TAOM SAKAL - Butte County, Paradise, Paradise High School
Taom Sakal is an amateur writer, composer, and graphic designer. He regularly participates in National Novel Writing Month and is a member of his school's Ecology and Robotics clubs. He enjoys tennis and plans to pursue a degree in Mathematics.

Jason Snedeker
JASON SNEDEKER - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Jason Snedeker was born and raised in Chico CA. He is currently seventeen and a senior at Chico High. He maintains a strong gpa while competing on the Boys Varsity Soccer team. During his free time he coaches soccer to children and spends time volunteering at Ability first Camp since 2004. He also likes to travel the world to see different architectural styles. After graduating high school, Jason plans to attend City College of San Francisco and then transfer to a UC to continue his education in Architecture and Design.

Robert Spicer
ROBERT SPICER - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
My name is Robert Dale Spicer II. I live in Oroville, CA. And I go to Champion Christian School in Paradise, CA. I am 17 years old and I am a senior who loves listening to music riding motorcycles and working with my hands.

Cameron Tebo
CAMERON TEBO - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Cameron Tebo is 16 and a junior at Chico High. He was awarded a Junior Leadership Award. He has done Architecture for three years and is proficient in Sketch Up and Auto CAD. Community activities include benefit concerts for the Jesus Center and Habitat for Humanity. He is section leader of the tuba section and in the Madrigal Choir. He is an avid sport fisherman, hunter and baseball player. His plans include a degree in Architecture, Engineering, or Fish and Wildlife.

Debra Terrill
DEBRA TERRILL - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
I am 17 years old and a senior at Champion Christian School. My passion in life is ski racing and I do try to succeed with that to the best of my ability. I will be attending Chico State next year to learn to become a teacher. i also dream of being a ski coach. These things are both so fun to me. I would love to teach science or English to children. Science has always been quite interesting, especially things about space. I have been going to a private Christian school since I started school and I couldn't be happier.

Study Thao
STUDY THAO - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Study Thao is a seventeen years old senior at Chico Senior High School. She was introduced to Architecture as a seventh grader and continued the learning throughout high school. Including, she is a mentor to eighth graders and hold the President position in a club named Mathematics Engineering Science Academics. In the future, Study plans to graduate with a degree in Hospitality Management and Architecture.

Jack Walsh
JACK WALSH - Nevada County, Nevada City, Woolman Semester School
I am a junior at the Woolman Semester School in Nevada City, California where much of the curriculum is centered around social justice and sustainability. In particular, I am interested in climate change and natural capitalism, which incorporates sustainable and regenerative practices into our current economic system.

Madison Whipple
MADISON WHIPPLE - Butte County, Chico, Chico High School
Madison Whipple, born and raised in Chico, CA, is a 17 year old who attends Chico Senior High School. She has taken Architectural Design and CAD since her freshman year and plans to go to Chico State or Cal Poly to major in Civil Engineering.

Noah Williams
NOAH WILLIAMS - Butte County, Chico, Champion Christian School
I'm Noah Williams, and I'm a junior at Champion Christian High School. I grew up in Chico, CA. I went to several elementary schools, and was home schooled for a year. I then went to Marsh Junior High for 3 years, before moving to Paradise, CA. I continued on to Chico High School while living in Paradise. I moved back down to Chico for my sophomore year, and switched schools to Champion Christian High School. I have been a year ahead in math courses since my 7th grade year, and have always been interested in energy and mechanics (especially the math behind it).

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