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Since 2010, we challenge high school teenagers to positively engage in sustainable solutions for our planet.

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Be a winner in our current edition...

California Dream Week, dreaming a sustainable tomorrow

California Dream Week is a scholarship competition for high school juniors and seniors in California. A total of 9 scholarships will be awarded in 3 separate competition categories:

a) 1st place = $1000
b) 2nd place = $500
c) 3rd place = $250

The competition categories are Architecture and Interior Product Design, Transportation, and Product Compliments/Industrial Design.

All submissions are submitted electronically; no physical 3-dimensional prototypes are needed to participate. This is an IDEAS contest.

Participation in the current edition is open only to California high school students (grades 11, 12).

Deadline for Project Submission: May 20, 5:00pm PST


a) Fill out the online registration form.
b) Identify a project or product you would like to improve and make more sustainable.
c) Work with the guidance of a teacher and/or mentor to develop ideas for project.
d) Come up with a title for your project.
e) Provide a brief synopsis of your project (max 500 characters spaces included).
f) List the primary materials you would use in your design (max 250 characters spaces included).
g) Provide a long project description (max 5,000 characters spaces included).
    i. Explain the performance, sustainability or aesthetics of your project.
    ii. Outline the function of the principal components.
    iii. How you expect the design to work, and with what.
h) Create a graphic sketch, drawing or other content that will help the judges visualize your idea.
i) Create a short biography and photo of yourself.
j) Go to Call for Entries for detailed instructions on the submission process.
k) Submit all electronic content using the online submission link sent to your email to upload your short and long descriptions, graphic image or drawing, photos, bio etc.
l) Print the parent/guardian authorization form and mail to the California Dream Week offices.

Wondering what other students have done in the past? Review the project summaries on the "Dream Projects & Dreamers" link found on the home page (or click here).




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