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Since 2010, we challenge high school teenagers to positively engage in sustainable solutions for our planet.

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  1. General guidelines
  2. Award information
  3. The Jury
  4. Design criteria
  5. Registration guidelines
  6. Submission deadline
  7. Submit your entries
  8. Eligibility
  9. Legal stuff
  10. Questions

  1. General guidelines                                                                                                                         Top

  2. The scholarship contest is divided into the 3 categories: architecture & interior product design, transportation, and product compliments/industrial design.

    Architecture & interior product design - materials, shape, form, life cycle, renewability, methods of manufacturing... sustainable architecture and interior design may take in one or all of these aspects into consideration. From our bathrooms, to our bedrooms, from our homes to office buildings, the environment in which we live helps shape our attitudes and culture. Because of this, it is critical to incorporate sustainability and environmentally conscious concepts into these environments. Projects in the "dreaming a sustainable tomorrow for architecture/interior design" category may take into consideration any single or combination of elements, including design, form, materials, energy, water, communications and data infrastructure, hvac or household waste as applied to specific interior spaces, products, or complete home concepts.

    Transportation - form, function and materials applied to consumer or public transportation. What we move in and how is it moved within our environment. Does it have a negative or positive impact? Can we improve existing ideas, or develop new ways of thinking about how to interact and move within our environment? Projects in the "dreaming a sustainable tomorrow for transportation" category will consider these issues.

    Product compliments/industrial design - taking an existing environmentally sustainable product and designing/developing a product that would encourage greater use through usability, function, or design. Why do people choose to do unsustainable practices? Because it's easy. What can you design, create, or add to an existing environmental product that would make it easier to use, trendier, or more cost effective? Projects in the "dreaming a sustainable tomorrow for product compliments" category will identify solutions and create buzz to encourage the use of sustainable products and practices.

    The online project submissions form asks you to perform the following:

    1. Declare authenticity/ownership of your project
    2. Download and send signed authorization form from parent or guardian
    3. Indicate project name/title
    4. Provide a brief synopsis of your project (max 500 characters, spaces included)
    5. List the primary materials you would use in your design (max 250 characters, spaces included)
    6. Provide a long project description (max 5,000 characters, spaces included):
      1. explain, performance, sustainability or aesthetics requested from your primary materials
      2. Outline the function of the principal components
      3. How you expect the design to work, and with what
    7. Upload files (jpgs, pdfs, videos, cad drawings, scan of hand drawn sketches, etc)

    Judging for the contest will be based primarily on the sustainability and feasibility of your project.

    Each project may be submitted by an individual or a group not to exceed 5 student participants* from the same school.

    Project submission for current edition ends in May.

  3. AWARDS for Student participants                                                                                                Top

  4. Scholarship Awards per category      1st    2nd    3rd     Total

    Student participant*                    $1000   $500   $250   $1750

    Other activities & all Award winning projects (including Honorable Mentions)
    - included in California Dream Week Festival, publicity and media relations activities
    - free entry to any event week activities

    * Cash awards to projects designed by a group of student participants will be divided equally. The winning student participants' schools will also receive cash awards and the student participants' teachers will also be awarded with free passport to the current edition Festival.

    The winning entries and other selected finalists will be shown during the California Dream Week Festival. Each project will be graphically highlighted in a dedicated showroom. Finalist/winning designs could also be developed into items for California Dream Week organizers or its Partners' or Sponsors' catalogues. There is also the potential for the winning designs to be used in iconic California Dream Week advertising prior to the show week and in future editions to come. Full credit to the student participant will be clearly attributed in all communications that demonstrate or mention the design.

  5. THE JURY                                                                                                                                          Top
    1. The jury will judge your submission to determine winners, and it will include representatives of California Dream Week organizers and also qualified representatives from the architecture & interiors, transportation and product design communities, as well as known figures active in environmental sustainability.

  6. Design Criteria                                                                                                                                Top
    1. Projects must be new - they must not be currently in production. If your project is similar to previously published or exhibited projects done by others, your submission will be ineligible. It is important that you keep your design confidential.
    2. The jury will judge on the following criteria:
      1. Innovation (introduction of new ideas or methods)
      2. Originality (one of a kind in look or form)
      3. Creativity (fantasy)
      4. Demonstration of having studied the material/s, their performance and sustainability
      5. Form
      6. Aesthetics

  7. Registration Guidelines                                                                                                                 Top
  8. Registrations open August 20th each year. Early registration deadline: December 10; Final registration deadline: May 20. Early registrations will be automatically entered to receive a free prize from one of the scholarship sponsors.
    Please fill in the Registration form at the bottom of the Call For Entries.

    1. TEAM REGISTRATIONS: If you are a team, please register all team members and assign one as Team Captain. (Team members may be added or changed at a later time.)
    2. GRADE REQUIREMENT: At time of registration, all team members must be in grades 11 or 12 of high school.
    3. PROJECT SUBMISSION LIMIT: Maximum number of projects that may be presented by a single person or team is 2.
    4. FOLLOWING REGISTRATION: Upon completion of the registration process, you will be forwarded a confirmation and a participant code number. Please use this CODE # in all email communications and file names you share with the organizers.

  9. Submission deadline                                                                                                                      Top
  10. Project submission for the current edition ends in May.

    California Dream Week organizer, at its own discretion, may modify registration and submission deadlines. After the closing date for submissions, California Dream Week organizer may create, at its own discretion, various promotional activities around the submitted projects, which could include revealing some or all projects for public voting, communicating information or student participant provided videos on social media platforms or to the press, or other activities as California Dream Week organizers deems fit.

  11. Submit your entries                                                                                                                       Top
  12. Whether you are an individual or a group, you may only submit a maximum of two works. You and your team will be eligible for only one prize and teams will count as one "participant" for the purposes of these rules and terms.

    All submission content must be uploaded via the "Submit Project" web page on under the "How to compete" section.

    To upload your data, you MUST INSERT YOUR PROJECT CODE ASSIGNED during the registration process. If you have lost your id code, send an email to After you insert your id code, you will receive an email with a link for project upload.

    All file names must contain the registration code number provided upon registration.

    Complete each section of Project Submission Page as follows:

    a. Student's Bio and Portrait, max 500 characters and spaces
    Give a brief summary of about you - some topics to cover can include what sports & clubs you participate in, any awards you've won in high school, etc.
    Upload a high resolution image of you (preferable from a camera not a camera phone)

    b. Project Name
    Enter project name in field

    c. Explanation of ideas/brief synopsis, max 500 characters and spaces
    Explain your design by providing a brief description that is complete, yet concise. If your project is among the winners, a professional designer will need to be able to conceptualize the project from your description.

    d. Identification of primary materials used, max 250 characters and spaces
    List any materials you consider significant, that you would like to see used in the design.

    e. Long project description, max 5,000 characters and spaces
    This portion of the online submission form allows you maximum space to explain your idea in detail. What are the benefits you expect to see from the materials you chose? How does your dream affect the environment and the people who will use your design? What makes your project sustainable? What is unique about your project compared to others? Who is your audience you are trying to market to? Could this project be made with today's technologies? If not, what developments would be needed to render your idea a reality? These are just some ideas to think about; your long description can contain whatever information you consider necessary to convince the judges of the merit of your project.

    f. Support files (images, videos, scan of sketches, etc.) - Quantity & Quality guidelines

    Images such as sketches, drawings, plan, or even pictures of other products that help you visually explain your concept (does not have to be perfect) should be uploaded in high resolution. Please set your scan settings for high resolution. If you are selected for the finalist round, we will ask you to resubmit any images that are not in high enough resolution (minimum image resolution of 300 dpi, with minimum dimensions 5 x 7 inches).

    Multi-media content (Optional)
    If multi-media content (videos or music) has been created for the project, this may also be uploaded with your other electronic files. If you have created multi-media content (is not required), we may request at a later date a higher quality version, if you are a finalist.

    Quantity & Resolution
    There is no maximum quantity of multi-media content (images or videos) that you must submit. Although there is no minimum quantity, we highly recommend at least 1 image that visually demonstrates your idea.


    Images may be in JPG, GIF, TIF, or PDF. Cad files such as DWG are also accepted. Images may NOT be imbedded in Word documents or Powerpoint files (ppt). While uploading your multimedia content, you will be asked to provide a caption for each file that briefly describes the content of that file.

    g. You are required to accept the contest rules and terms
    The Contest rules and terms are contained in this 'call for entries'.

    By submitting your entry, you and all members of your team and legal guardians are agreeing to such rules and terms. All individual team members will be treated as accepting these rules and conditions upon a submission being made.

    h. Save/Submit Button
    By pressing the Save/Submit button, you are submitting the project. You can edit your project at any time by going back to the submission link email sent to you.

  13. Eligibility                                                                                                                                          Top
  14. The contest is only open to high school students of class room grades 11 and 12 at time of registration. Proof of grade may be required. Minors must have signed authorization from parent or guardian mailed to the organizer's postal box, as described in #9.2 below.

    Any project that has never been submitted for a competition and/or published by an online or print medium (outside of your high school) is eligible.

  15. LEGAL STUFF (All the stuff you think you don't want to read, but you really need to!)   Top
  16. 9.1) All submissions must be original works. The student participant warrants that he or she is the owner of all copyright, design rights, patent rights, rights in trade or service marks or other trade names, inventions, confidential information, know-how, and trade secrets or any other intellectual property rights including all moral rights (Intellectual Property Rights) in or arising from the design submission, and that the submission or its use, reproduction or display in any form or media (including in future publicity materials) will not infringe the Intellectual Property or other rights of any person or entity and does not require any form of payment (including royalty payments) to any person in order for them to be used or reproduced.
    only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted!
    During the submission process, you will be asked to tick the box of declaration.

    9.2) Contest/Event organizers reserve the right to make use of winners' (and all team members) names (and age and town/city of residence, but excluding their full address) and photographs in future advertising and other PR or marketing communications, as they see fit, without remuneration to student participants or legal guardians. Winners and selected finalists may be required to provide photographs and requested to participate in publicity activities, for which no remuneration will be paid.
    Only submission entries with signed authorization from parents/legal guardian to use names and photographs as described above will be accepted. DOWNLOAD AUTHORIZATION FORM and mail to:
               California Dream Week
               9050 Lasell Lane
               Durham, CA 95938

    9.3) The contest is not open to children of the organizers, or children or relatives of their associated companies.

    9.4) The organizers shall not be responsible for any entries which are not received or which were delayed or corrupted in any way as a result of transmission.

    9.5) The decision of the jury appointed by the organizers shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

    9.6) Judging will take place around May, and winners will be notified by email.

    9.7) Copyright
    Any Intellectual Property Rights in submissions shall remain in the ownership of the participant. However, by submitting a design in the contest, the participant agrees to provide California Dream Week organizers with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. This option is valid for 6 months after the contest will end. In the event that California Dream Week organizers exercise the option to use the rights for production on an exclusive basis and sine die (without time limitations), California Dream Week organizers undertakes to pay a royalty of annual sales to the student participant. By participating in the contest, all student participants authorize California Dream Week organizers to publish and exhibit at anytime, anywhere in the world, all or any of the designs submitted (including project data submitted) - waiving any right to compensation or other fees - at exhibitions and events and/or to use or reproduce them in any communications, publications or advertising linked to the California Dream Week brand that the organizers may deem suitable and/or necessary.

    The student participant agrees to provide the professional designer who has interpreted the student participant project the right of second refusal to the exclusive use of the design. This option is valid for 6 months after the contest will end.

    9.8) Applicable law and dispute resolution
    These rules and terms shall be interpreted and construed in accordance to California law. All disputes resulting from or in connection with this contest shall be resolved by the California courts in the first instance.

  17. Questions?                                                                                                                                     Top
  18. Enquiries to
    Please write in the subject line: Help desk



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