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BOXX electric bike
BOXX Corp's new electric bike is an emissions-free, 100% electric vehicle. Classified as a moped with top speeds reaching 28-35 mph, the boxy aluminum bike plugs in to standard household outlets and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge with its CORE battery or 80 miles using the upgraded CORE2.

Greencycle Bamboo Bikes by Paulus Maringka
Paulus Maringka has developed a series of bamboo bicycles under the name 'greencycle'. The project applies a system approach to shift design thinking and practices away from the ongoing unsustainable use of resources towards a more sustainable framework of consumption whereby local cultures, skills resources and technology are analyzed to inform the design and development of a human powered transportation system.

is a new concept of urban mobility. A new way of understanding the relationship between the city, its citizens and their vehicles. Much easier, more accessible. Technologically very advanced: a 100% electric vehicle. And, the first entirely electric vehicle. Urban, with four-wheel traction and direction, a haptic steering wheel and foldable when parking, HIRIKO is a giant step ahead in urban mobility thanks to its management system, as per demand, that complements the public transport and helps decongest traffic in city centres.

The Copenhagen Wheel by Senseable City Lab
It transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture the energy dissipated while cycling and braking(through a wheel sensing unit) and save it for when you need a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion, and road conditions in real-time, because it is controlled through the smart phone.

GROW bike by Alex Fernandez Camps for Orbea
Grow Bike is a bike that is easy to ride and grows in size. It is produced in high quality aluminum and has an adjustable seat, handle and also adjusts the length of the frame. It has been created to be sustainable and last technically and emotionally. In addition, has a better ergonomic adjustment for the user.

THE V60 world's first diesel plug-in hybrid by Volvo
The V6 is the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid; it has an electric drive range of 50 kilometers with zero tailpipe emissions and a hybrid drive mode of up to 1,000 km, with a fuel consumption efficiency of 1.9 liters and carbon dioxide emissions of 49 grams for every 100 km.

Lola Drayson, the all-electric race car by Drayson Racing
Lola-Drayson B12/69EV is an 850-horsepower (640-kW) monster that gets all the motive power from four YASA-750 axial flux motors running on a 700-volt system. The 60-kWh battery setup that provides the asphalt-sizzling energy consists of three separate packs of A123 cells that are structurally integrated into the Lola carbon fiber chassis.

ECCO campervan by NAU
All-electric vehicle, made of aluminum and glass, this Campervan has no emissions of its own, and can be quickly charged at a standard 240V station. Where no electricity is available, there are photovoltaic panels and solar sail roof, so it can charge directly from the sun.

First Hybrid Ferries in Scotland for 2013 by Ferguson Group
In 2013 three ferries, which will run on diesel electric and battery power, will be built in Hebrides archipelago, Scotland. It is an effort to create jobs and to advance an agenda of sustainable development. They're set to hit the water in 2013. Each will hold 150 passengers and 23 cars, and will be cleaner, quieter and cheaper to operate and maintain.

Phoenix bamboo concept car by Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner
Handmade automobile made in bamboo, rattan, steel and nylon.
Focus for the Phoenix is on form, weight and performance. The biodegradable materials challenge the notion of dense, long lasting materials in automotive design. It looks at the option of inexpensively and ecologically replacing the shell while maintaining the same inner construction. The proposal introduces nature and craftsmanship into automotive technology.

Chevy Volt, a new all electric car by Chevrolet
It's a new all electric car, which will run a on a nanophosphate lithium-ion battery pack. The Volt also has innovative NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) technology throughout its body, making each ride quiet and enjoyable, and providing potential improvements on parts life span.

Tulip Fun Fun and Grazz by Marguz Triibmann for Keha3
'Tulip Fun Fun' and 'Grazz' are two bike racks made from flexible materials. Both systems accommodate multiple directions of bike placement as well as various heights and frame types. Drawing from tulip and grass fields, the repeating forms create an artificial barrier that inserts the versatility of nature into the urban environment. The racks can be affixed to the ground by using wedge anchors or by casting the components directly into concrete.

Record-Breaking Electric Car Goes 1,000 Miles on a Single Charge.
If you ever find yourself talking electric cars with an EV hater, it's inevitable you'll hear the term. And yes, it's kinda true -- at this juncture in time, you will not be able to drive an electric car in exactly the same way you drove your gas guzzler -- in most places round the U.S., you'll have to plan on getting home in order to charge it up. So yes, this requires a minor change in the way that you think about your car and your driving behavior.

The aim of the concept of Pendulous designed by Kevin Lee, student from Monash University is to provide comfort and ease to the people who use public transport in their day to day life.
People of the age group of eighteen years to that of thirty is the principal target of this concept of transport because they constitute the most part of the society who use public transport. This concept not only provides a sense of ease and freedom to the users to the public vehicles but it gives an idea of making the traveling environment friendly also. The very concept of pendulous is based and encouraged by incentives proposed by the society as it helps to conserve the environment.

Daniel Molloy, a student of Monash University, has designed Boomer, an excellent tool that provides mobility aid to the quickly increasing elderly population.
Boomer is emphasizing most on safety and aims to diminish the risk of stair-related falls, which is an identified major public health concern among the elderly community. The design key innovation is the stair compatible function to allow mobility aid by transforming from a simple walker into a gadget that facilitates the user to go up and down on the stairs safely. In fact, the Boomer mobility aid is an exceptional combination of user friendly qualities in a modern form.

eliumstudio for energy company Schneider Electric.
Introduction of the Schneider Electric electric vehicle charging station at the Biennale of St Etienne 2010. It was already shown during the Salon de l'Automobile de Paris 2010 and it introduces new aesthetic codes and functionalities.

The Bamboo Bike Project is a project by Scientists and Engineers at The Earth Institute, Columbia University, and aims to examine the feasibility of implementing cargo bikes made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa.
BBP has examined the feasibility of employing native bamboo for bicycle frames, instead of the expensive and technically demanding carbon fiber material, or even the less expensive but also technically demanding aluminum or chromium-molybdenum steel that is commonly used to build bicycle frames.

Royal College of Art student Tom Hatfield has turned a few Christmas trees into a sledge.
Made from discarded trees that Hatfield found around London, the sledge was made using a traditional woodworking technique known as bodging, where wood is worked 'green', without drying or seasoning first.

Transition Roadable Aircraft for Terrafugia design KiBiSi
Danish industrial designers KiBiSi have collaborated on the redesign of a two-seater aircraft that converts into a vehicle that can be driven on normal roads.

Plastiki Expedition boat by Exploration Architecture for Adventure Ecology
A boat made of plastic bottles designed by Exploration Architecture is nearing the end of its journey across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney to highlight pollution of the seas.

GE Wattstation by Yves Béhar of fuseproject for Ecoimagination
San Francisco designer Yves Béhar of Fuseproject has designed these electric car-chargers for public and home use. Called GE WattStation, the project was unveiled in collaboration with Ecomagination, a green initiative by energy company General Electric.

KOR EcoLogic Urbee: First 3D Printed Car
KOR EcoLogic used Autodesk's software solution for Digital Prototyping to design the first prototype car with a body created using a 3D printer. The KOR EcoLogic Urbee car gets up to 200 miles per gallon (MPG) and uses a hybrid electric/gasoline engine.

The Copenhagen Wheel invented by Christine Outram and a team of students at MITís SENSEable City Lab.

Floor mats by Freedom Of Creation for Hyundai QarmaQ concept car. Janne Kyttanen addressed the need for a very resistant floor mat that can be easily made in different versions by the manufacturer (without long and costly re-design of manufacturing processes for the product, and without creating new tools for the production of eventual designs of different shapes). The product was new, innovative, stylish and decreased the environmental footprint for manufacture, for maintenance and in extending the life cycle of the product. The design form (similar to a honeycomb-like structure) also facilitates cleaning by a simple shake and rinse if necessary and - for clean fanatics - are dishwasher safe.

RoboScooter by the Smart Cities group with MIT Media Lab. A lightweight, folding, electric scooter. For the user a comfortable town vehicle, good for the environment as well: just as fast as a car in the city but only needs little space to park, no noise nuisance, no pollution by using, low energy-use because of the low weight. To be charged of course with green electricity.

tikit® - the world's fastest folding bike made by Bike Friday.

Jonny Cohen of Highland Park, Illinois, began developing GreenShields in 2008 with the help of his sister and her friends. GreenShields is a Plexiglas shield intended for retrofit on school buses to make them more aerodynamic and, in turn, reduce their carbon dioxide output.

"MiBike" by Daniel for the PBS 2010 Trash to Treasure competition.

The inspiration for Daniel's invention came from his daily walk to and from school, "My back aches a lot from hauling heavy books to and fro. I want to ride my bike, but the big backpack makes me lose balance.

BamTrike - Naturally derived personal mobility, Alexander Vittouris. The rationale of the vehicle is to consider the lifecycle of the materials used in production, and how the implementation of materials can have positive sustainable outcomes, reflecting on the layers of complexities created with current mass production techniques.
Investigation of bamboo focuses on the potential for rapid generation of material matter for construction purposes, with a contextual idea heading towards individual autonomy through the cultivation of the resource for localised markets which in turn, leads to small scale distributed production within communities.

Skoota - Compact Urban Electric Scooter, design Stuart Emmerson. Skoota is a compact urban electric scooter used for intermodality and urban travel.
Aimed at a 20-35 year old young inner-urban demographic, Skoota utilizes the latest Super Charging Lithium Ion technologies and an in-wheel brushless hub motor to create an entirely sustainable electric personal commuter.
Additionally, for improved practicality, Skoota's unique frame can be compacted to half its size in five simple actions using the central compacting interface.
Skoota is a product to be used as an everyday commuter to be incorporated with public and other forms of transportation due to its compact size and functionality.

The new bike sharing point by inBici. Creativity, technological know-how and hi-tech materials are combined to create an advanced and secure solution for public transportation.


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